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Can someone help me with DMS Explorer?

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Joined: 03 Jun 2004
Posts: 25

PostPosted: 2004-12-21 16:27:11    Post subject: Can someone help me with DMS Explorer? Reply with quote

I want to get multiple elfs running under explorer so I can just start the prog up and have a list of apps installed on my memory card. I have explorer installed and I have all the elfs for the programs I want to use. How do I get them on the memory card so explorer will recognize them. Is there an easy way to do it with execftps?
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Liquid Neon

Joined: 25 Oct 2004
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PostPosted: 2004-12-22 04:15:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ok 2 ways really:

CD-R Install:

Create a txt file, write it in this format:

Application Title
boot path (for example mc0:/BOOT/EXECFTP/EXECFTP.ELF
create ALL dirs (using _MKDIR, eg _MKDIR mc0:/BOOT/EXECFTPS)
copy files form cd-mc (using _COPY, eg _COPY cdrom0:\EXPLORER.ELF;1 mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF)

For example, here is an install script for an app

Execftps 0.68

Now save this txt file as INSTALL.CNF, copy it and the elf file to CD. Now run DMS Explorer and insert the cd, press SELECT to start the install (may take a few attempts as most PS2's hate CD-R)

Now a few points, these are EXTREMLY important:

1) Everything is CASE SENSITIVE!
2) When using _COPY make sure you use \ for CDROM paths!!!!
3) If you EVER plan to use EXECFTP to modify or install apps you MUST patch DMS Explorer to use the correct slashes ( / ) instead of the usual \, reason being is because it screws up FTP access. ( To do this you will need to hex edit the DMS explorer elf, alternativley search or for DMS Explorer Patch

Ok next, FTP Install!!!

Easy as hell, run Execftp or whatever, create the dir's on the MC and upload the elfs.

Now the fun part, look in mc0:/BOOT/ for a file called MENU.TXT, this is the list of installed apps and there boot paths (what you see when you run DMS Explorer), they are in the following format (if you open the original you will see everything on one line split with the "square" character, this is pointless, you can just type the title/path for app1 on line 1 then the same on line 2 for app 2, if you know what i mean, see below!):

Application Title 1|Boot path 1
Application Title 2|Boot Path 2

example: Execftps|mc0:/BOOT/EXECFTPS/EXECFTP.ELF

After you have updated your menu.txt upload it back overwriting the old and your done!

Now, hehe, here comes the fun part, it is also possible to install multiple apps from 1 cd-r!!!!!
I use this technique as a "restore" disc, it reinstalls DMS Explorer, Execftp, HDL_DUMB and HD Loader. here is the INSTALL.CNF:

DMS Explorer 1.0
_COPY cdrom0:\ICON.SYS;1 mc0:/BOOT/icon.sys
_COPY cdrom0:\DEV.ICO;1 mc0:/BOOT/dev.ico

Ok explaination on the differences,

NO_ENTRY: Im using this because we do not want "DMS Explorer" added into the DMS Explorer app l;ist now do we Smile

Please also note the differing /'s and \'s these are VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY etc Important!!!! Once again, always use \ when your accessing a disc and use / when creating folders/copying files

Note the special line: _COPY cdrom0:\MENU.TXT;1 mc0:/BOOT/MENU.TXT
This overwrite the old MENU.TXT with one on your CD, mine is like this:

Browser|rom0:OSDSYS BootBrowser

Finally note:
_COPY cdrom0:\ICON.SYS;1 mc0:/BOOT/icon.sys
_COPY cdrom0:\DEV.ICO;1 mc0:/BOOT/dev.ico

you can ditch these if you want, this assigns a custom icon to DMS Explorer (So i dont have that annoying "Corrupted Data" thing on my MC, i have a save called DMS Explorer with an icon, if you want this you will need to read elsewhere around her eon how to do it)

Phew, ok im done, hope that all helps!
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