Splash Screen

HDAdvance. USA Ver. 1.00 (DVD). WWW.HDAdvance.com. Intro screen.

Hardware Errors

HDAdvance could not find HDD hardware, ensure it is connected to the Playstation. (Could not find any console compatible pictures)


The HDD needs formatting before it is operation do you want to format now (ALL DATA WILL BE LOST!) ? Please wait, formatting HDD...

Agreement (Disabled)

Main Screen

File list. No files are installed. This is main screen with the games listed on the left side and the controls on the right side. The controls are; Run, Convert, Delete and Relabel. If you select a game and press SELECT you can enable and disable game compatibility modes. More information below.


Insert Disc. Please insert game disc. Install Problem. Bad disc was inserted.

Checking Disc. Select a game name.

Copying. Please wait, installing program... Please wait... Copying to HD. Note that the speed is only 615KB/sec because the laser is reading the inner most part of the disc (less data per track).

Please wait... Copying to HD. As you can see the speed is now 1230KB/sec when the laser is on the outter most part of the disc (more data per track). Copy has finished.


Do you want to delete file: x Removing game..

Game was deleted ok.


Enter a game name. Renaming. Relabelling file...

File Compatibility Settings

File Compatibility Settings. Change the compatibility settings for the selected file. Press SELECT to return to the menu.

Proper HDAdvance colors (by me - ivc)

hdadvance-propercolors-patch-0.1 2004-09-24