Create a bootable PS2 disc

  1. We have TEST.ELF and you want to boot it when you insert the disc. It's important that all files and directories are uppercase and the filename no longer than 8 characaters + 3 characters exenstion.
  2. Create a text file called SYSTEM.CNF and put the following lines into it:

    BOOT2 = cdrom0:\TEST.ELF;1
    VER = 1.00

  3. Replace TEST.ELF with your application filename, and if preferable you can change the video mode.
  4. Create a CDGenPS2 ISO file (recommended) or a new Nero compilation:

    1. Nero settings:
      No Sessions
      File name length: ISO Level 1
      (Ensures max 8 chars + 3 chars extension)
      Format: Mode2/XA
      No joilet
      (Ensures uppercase)
      Character set: ISO 9660
      Write method: Disc-at-once

      Write speed: 12x or lower

      Drag and drop file files into the new comilation, and it's necessary to add a dummy file, atleast 10 MB. This can be whatever file format, just name it BBB.BBB and drop it in the compilation.

    2. CDGenPS2 and BurnAtOnce:
      Drag and drop the files over to CDGenPS2, but make sure SYSTEM.CNF is first file and change the LBA to 12231 (no need to add dummy file then). Select File -> Save Image, you will get a error message if one of the files are not compatible with the PS2 file system spesifications. Use BurnAtOnce to burn the image at speeds not faster than 12x, CD-RW not recommended.

  5. Boot disc in your PS2 :)

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