DMS DEV2 Mode Technical Information (Unofficical)

DMS3 Dev.olution Mode 2 provides a platform for developers to write applications to be stored on and executed from the Playstation 2 Harddrive.

Basic file structure

                              PS2Reality Media Player 1.50
                              Bigboss, Hermes and Mavy
                              DivX/MP3 Player and JPEG Viewer
                              _MKDIR /DIVX
                              COPY /APPS/DIVX/PS2MEDIA.ELF /DIVX/PS2MEDIA.ELF
                              REMOVE /DIVX/PS2MEDIA.ELF
                              _RMDIR /DIVX

This is only to make it easier to illustrate how it works, in a working example no spaces are allowed before each line.




You can have as many [APP] blocks you want, just add them in a sequence after another without any space between. The entire file should be named INSTALL.CNF (case sensitive) and burned as a PS2 disc with all the files required.

(Optional) If you want to include the DMS HDD Explorer (EXPINST.ELF) you can add this SYSTEM.CNF file:

BOOT2 = cdrom0:\EXPINST.ELF;1
VER = 1.00

When you boot this disc in normal PS2 mode (not DEV2) you will be prompt to install the DMS HDD Explorer, great for friends that don't have the HDD Explorer installed.


DMS Dev. Mode Technical Information